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“Vocabulary is a matter of word-building as well as word-using.” David Crystal

Vocabulary continues to be at the forefront of educational debate, policy and concern.

If we don't have the words, we don't have the means to understand what we read and hear or express how we think and feel.

There are lots of strands to supporting children to continually develop and acquire new vocabulary and retain the vocabulary that they already have.

We have put together this guide for our parents to use at home to break down some of the principles and methods that are advocated by education experts, academic research and that we use to underpin our teaching.

"The difference has been amazing. His teacher told me they call him the vocabulary guru in class now, which considering this is something that he has always struggled with goes to show how much these Monday nights are helping"

Tom's mum

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Familiarisation Series - Supporting Voca
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