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"17% increase

in SATs Reading Results"

Providing bespoke support and education solutions for schools

Providing bespoke support and education solutions for schools

Many schools approach us looking for tailored support in English, Maths, for SATs, or to provide specific guidance and direction with key groups such as more able learners for example. Through our subject specialists we offer a range of support. This year we have supported schools in Oldham, Tameside, West Yorkshire and Trafford providing bespoke support through pupil intervention, CPD and training.

What support do we offer?

The support we offer is tailored to the needs of the school; typically, our support takes the form of intervention or tuition with pupils and/or through the training and development of staff through CPD, coaching and SLE work. We offer both regular and one-off support pending your needs and goals for the support.

We have Primary and Secondary Specialists, examiners, ASTs and SLEs working with us and can support schools towards a range of goals.

Support for Schools

  • Regular pupil intervention

  • Pupil conferences, masterclasses and revision classes

  • Staff CPD, coaching, SLE support

  • Bespoke services and plans for individual schools' needs

Why choose us?

We are a team of specialists who have vast experience in schools as teachers, senior and middle leaders and as Specialist Leaders of Education. Our team have specific experience as examiners for external examining bodies and extensive experience in preparing children for the demands of external examinations from SATs to A’ Level.


and refreshing view..."

"increased level of challenge with a wider range of strategies"


"We recently commissioned Maria to deliver training on raising the standards in the classroom for our Primary Schools across the Local Authority. Maria’s training was really was inspiring and thought provoking - I couldn’t stop thinking about it afterwards!  Feedback from our schools was really positive - lots about changing mindsets and moving forwards." 


Local Authority School Effectiveness Officer and Ofsted Inspector, 2019



"Enthusiastic and knowledgeable delivery – Maria and Stephen made me feel very comfortable to contribute." 


Assistant Headteacher, 2018


"A thought-provoking training session with lots of ideas that challenged my expectations and gave me time to think and process."


Assistant Headteacher, 2018


"Excellent training on Teaching to the Top. I will recommend this course and speaker to anyone who wants to provide high standards in their school."

Vice Principal, 2018


"Maria’s training was fantastic, motivating and gave a refreshing view on teaching all children, irrespective of their abilities. Sometimes we get so focused on data and labels that we forget that children have wings to fly often above the ceilings that we give them."


Year 6 Teacher, 2018


"A really thought-provoking session with lots of useful discussion points which made me question my practice. A great mix of information, tasks and videos in the delivery. Thank you for such an informative and enjoyable day - it has given me lots of food for thought."

Deputy Head Teacher, 2018


“Maria and Stephen’s training has been excellent in developing my thoughts and planning for my lessons – how to target and challenge all pupils and show progression. I have learnt a lot and enjoyed seeing different subject teachers and the processes and tasks that they have used. I have taken ideas from others and put them into my own planning/lessons to improve the learning of my pupils”


Secondary School PE teacher.


“I feel I have a clearer understanding of what ‘outstanding’ looks like and how to be ‘outstanding’ myself as a result”


Assistant Head and Year 6 teacher.


“The course gave opportunities for the sharing of good practice and enabled a dialogue between colleagues to take place about outstanding teaching and learning. Maria and Stephen challenged our thinking, built confidence and created an atmosphere conducive to learning. I will be linking my learning to the ‘looking for learning’ ethos in my school and embedding the ideas into staff development. As a result, I have developed in confidence and inspired others.”


Year 2 teacher.


“I really enjoyed the course and feel that my practice has improved as a result. The sessions enabled us to share ideas which I have implemented in the classroom and seen pupils’ achievement and attainment improve. It has challenged my thinking and helped me to see I how can get pupils to challenge each other. I have implemented a much wider range of strategies in my lessons that have improved engagement, increased the level of challenge and allowed pupils to progress more. Thank you.”

Secondary School Science Teacher.


"Maria has been working at St Matthew’s with our Year 6 pupils with the objective of challenging the more able readers to reach greater depth. Even in one afternoon a week Maria was quick to establish a rapport with the pupils through her positive comments and enthusiasm for reading. The pupils were always eager to work with Maria, even those pupils who ‘didn’t enjoy reading!’ Each week Maria was punctual and well prepared for every session: using reading materials which the pupils would enjoy yet be challenged by the content. Not only did Maria take an interest in their reading progress throughout the week in school through analysing answers in tests, but also their work in English – often asking to read their most recent pieces of writing. Maria did not see her work as insular but as part of the ongoing process of developing individual pupils: communicating well with both myself and my colleague. Having the opportunity to team teach with Maria and learn from her was a valuable experience and I will transfer the skills I have learnt from her into the classroom. The impact of Maria’s work has been reflected in test scores and attitudes to learning.  The pupils are knowledgeable readers and have developed skills needed to demonstrate a mastery for reading. It is without a doubt that we will be asking Maria to return next year."


Primary School Headteacher 

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