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11 Plus Preparation

Every year hundreds of children apply for and sit 11 plus Entrance Exams across the country. There is high competition for grammar school places and a growing number of students each year seek tuition to support them through this process.


Preparing for the exam can seem overwhelming, in Trafford alone there are four different exams for the state grammar schools and parents can sometimes feel lost with where to start and how to best prepare for the exams. For this reason, we run a course that runs throughout the year for Year 5 children, we structure our course carefully starting with securing the skills and knowledge before moving to the application of this knowledge and teaching specific examination technique within the context of the 11 plus exams.

Although we have a curriculum to follow, much like schools, our course is completely bespoke; the content and approaches that we take are determined by the children that we are working with and the professional judgements that we have made with regards to their strengths and development areas.Unlike many tuition companies we offer a course that is personal to your child, our teaching is tailored and flexible to their needs. Our course is taught by experienced, qualified teachers who work in both primary and secondary schools and have a wealth of knowledge on the content of the 11+ exam. Our teachers are highly skilled and are constantly assessing children’s learning informally and adapting the teaching to meet their needs.


To support home preparations further, parents are given access to a range of materials throughout the year that we will provide at regular intervals.


For information, help and support with the 11 plus please do not hesitate to contact us; we have a wealth of free information and resources that we share with parents to help them with their decisions and at home preparations – please contact us and we will be happy to share these materials with you.

"Helping children to prepare for the 11 plus with confidence"

"... a course that is personal to your child..."

11 Plus Preparation

11+ FAQs

11 Plus Summer School

The 11 Plus exams in Trafford take place in the September of Year 6. During the Summer of Year 5 we run our Summer School to support students’ preparations during the holidays. 

  • Review and secure knowledge and skills

  • Exam technique and practice

  • Supporting children’s wellbeing

For more information and to secure your place please contact us.

Click below to download the full schedule for 2020:

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