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Our tuition is about children at all ages and abilities achieving and enjoying their learning.

Children work best when they are guided by a skilled, supportive teacher and have opportunities to learn together, from and with their peers, as such, we offer both traditional one-to-one tuition as well as paired and small group learning opportunities.  

  • Individual Tuition

  • Group Tuition

  • Courses and Conferences

We work with specialists from Early Years through to A’ Level and we can offer the full spectrum of support with suitably qualified and experienced teachers, many of whom are also department and curriculum leads and examiners for leading exam boards.


  • Primary

  • SATs

  • Secondary

  • GCSE and A’ Level

  • 11 plus preparation 

  • Entrance Exam tuition


All our teachers are skilled at quickly identifying learning gaps and planning bespoke learning plans for your child that support, extend and enhance their learning.

One to one tuition

One to one tuition is a highly effective approach to support children’s learning in school and beyond. In a one-to-one lesson, teachers are astutely tuned in to a student’s learning, able to identify areas for development and strength and target these specifically to support improvement, confidence and achievement. 


We aim to pair students with a teacher who can best fit your child’s specific needs.

It may be that your child is looking for support with specific examination preparation and a specialist teacher who has a working understanding of the exam specifications will ensure that your child receives the most accurate advice for that purpose.


Some children have special educational needs and benefit enormously from working with teachers who are experienced and qualified in this field. Upon enquiry, we seek to thoroughly understand your needs and will only provide teachers who are suitably experienced to meet them.


Group tuition

Our group tuition programmes are designed to fulfil common educational goals. First and foremost, our group lessons are about learning, enjoyment of learning and confidence in learning. In small groups children will be encouraged and able to work together, discuss and debate ideas, question each other’s thinking and sharpen the necessary skills they need to be successful in their school learning.   


Group tuition is currently available in Altrincham.

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