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English Tuition: September 2024

For top grades in GCSE English, students must present developed, extended, and perceptive ideas. The most effective, engaging, and enjoyable way to cultivate these skills is through participation in extended, discussion-based learning, which is most successful in a group setting. This form of learning involves active listening, proposing ideas, asking and answering questions, building on others' comments or ideas, challenging ideas with counterpoints, reflecting deeply, taking notes, and integrating the discussion into written responses.

One-to-one English tuition can be restrictive and limiting compared to group settings. While one-to-one tuition has its place—enhancing group learning, refining written responses, focusing on specific technical skills, or addressing particular SEND needs—the group setting is generally the most effective, enjoyable, and beneficial option for students. In small groups, students are immersed in high-level thinking through guided, discussion-based learning, led by highly experienced teachers, to develop the ideas necessary for top-grade responses.

In the group setting, students address the key areas and demands of the GCSE curriculum and examinations. However, the approach is not rigid; Maria and Debbie do not follow a fixed course. Instead, students are continually assessed and consulted during the planning process to ensure their individual needs are met throughout the year. English, in particular, benefits from being taught through discussion, making the group setting especially effective and engaging. Despite the group format, students still receive individualised support through marking, feedback, and assessment, with Maria and Debbie providing one-to-one attention during lessons. Our team can also accommodate students studying different literature texts within the same group.

"Thank you so much, I would never have got the Grade 9s without your help" GCSE Group Student

Extensive research by the Education Endowment Foundation supports that students progress more significantly in small groups than in one-to-one settings for reading and English-based learning. Similar outcomes are observed in subjects like mathematics, reinforcing the effectiveness of small group learning. The evidence demonstrates that discussion-based learning in small groups not only enhances academic performance but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject matter.

"English is a lot more fun in your group, thank you for all your help and being such a great teacher" GCSE Group Student

Learn North West offers group sessions on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays during term times with our highly experienced partners, Maria and Debbie. These groups support children from Year 7 through to GCSE, ensuring that each student receives the guidance and collaborative learning environment necessary for academic success. Group learning at Learn North West allows students to develop the sophisticated, critical thinking skills required for top grades, creating a dynamic and interactive educational experience.

Our Class Times:


4pm and 5pm: Year 7 and 8

6pm: Year 9

7pm: Year 10 and 11


5pm: Year 10 and 11

6pm: Year 10


9.50am: Year 7 and Year 8

12pm: Year 10 and 11

1.10pm: Year 9

About Maria:

Wednesday classes are led by Maria Moyles, the Managing Partner and founder of Learn North West. Maria has been a qualified English teacher since 2006, teaching English up to A' Level in various schools across Greater Manchester and Cheshire, including high achieving 11-18 schools and Grammar Schools. Throughout her career, she has held subject leadership roles, examined AQA GCSE exams, and advanced to senior leadership as an Advanced Skills Teacher, focusing on school improvement and professional development programmes across multiple schools.

About Debbie:

Debbie Holmes is a partner in Learn North West, specialising in Secondary English Language and Literature. With a career spanning 30 years,  Debbie is an extremely experienced and talented teacher who has held various Head of English and Communications posts and been an examiner of AQA "A" Level English Literature and Language.

Passionate about Literature, Debbie loves teaching poetry, prose and drama and brings her own enthusiasm to all the lessons she teaches. She is also fascinated by linguistics and completed a Masters in Applied Linguistics in 2010.

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