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My Career to date with Learn North West: Amy Summers

My name is Amy and I am now one of the Primary Education Partners at Learn North West Education LLP.

I started working for Learn North West in January 2021 in addition to my job of Deputy Head of a Nursery and Infant school in Oldham.

Initially, I was working three hours a week, after school, and my work with the business grew from there.

I love teaching, it is what I have always wanted to do. The reward of seeing happy children making progress is magical. I must admit however, when I started university in 2004, I did not see my career panning out as it has.

University was great, so good in fact, I even returned to do a Masters in Education in 2016. (Helen is also in the uni picture) This is where I met Helen Marshall and the rest is history.

Can you spot Helen? Where the friendship and partnership all began!

My teaching career took off and I progressed to the role of Deputy Head after 7 years (even for one of these years I undertook the role of Acting Head) and I enjoyed it very much. The hard part was finding a work life balance. Teaching is intense and I was passionate about giving my all to those children.

In 2017, I had my own son Jack and my priorities changed somewhat (as I am sure you can imagine). After returning to work, I had lost my mojo and finding the balance became even harder. This is when Helen came back with a vengeance and I began working with Learn North West.

Two mornings a week I now take my son to school and three afternoons I pick him up - something I could never do before. No, this is not a scene from 'Happy Valley', it is our actual walk to school!

It didn't take long before I joined the business full time in September 2022. I took over one of LNW's long standing school contract and 8 evening slots (meaning I could do the school pick up 3 times a week - a real luxury).

When the partner role first became available, I knew I wanted more, I threw myself in with everything I had, now leading Key Stage One provision as well as school liaison for a very big contract covering multiple tutors' contracts, organising waiting lists and enquiries and, most recently, being appointed to mentor Early Career Teachers. It has been a whirlwind, but I would never look back.

Leading our work in schools!

I got asked my reasons why I enjoyed working at Learn North West last year and today I stand by them wholeheartedly:

1. The flexibility to achieve a more realistic work life balance and prioritise my family and friends. 2. The opportunities for professional development both inside and outside the classroom. 3. The amazing support network from Learn North West partners and tutors, a great family orientated ethos. 4. The influential children and families that you meet along the way and the trust they have in your ability to help their child be the best that they can be. 5. The ability to give a love of learning back to individuals, groups and families through small interventions which make a big difference.

Winning awards with amazing colleagues: all for one and one for all!

For me, Learn North West has been the answer to achieving that flexible balance of work and home and enabled me to embark on a new, rewarding career with opportunities to progress and develop myself in a more flexible way.

There are lots of opportunities with the company and it is great to see all the different ways that LNW supports teachers at various stages of their career find work that meets their needs: from retired teachers who want to keep teaching but not full time, to younger teachers looking for an extra income, to mums who need a more flexible working arrangement, LNW offers so many teaching professionals a different, refreshing way to work in the industry they love: education.

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