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Introducing the Maths Team

Stephen Readey is a Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Learn North West, where he leads the Maths Curriculum, specialising in Key Stage 3 and 4 education. Prior to this, Stephen has held several prominent roles in education, including Head of Maths, Assistant Headteacher, Advanced Skills Teacher, and Specialist Leader in Education (SLE). His extensive experience includes a strong focus on GCSE preparation for both Higher and Foundation papers.

In his role as an SLE, Stephen has been actively involved in government-led and EEF/NCETM training programmes. These programmes emphasise changing mindsets in mathematics, fostering mathematical reasoning, and raising achievement levels for lower-attaining students. Additionally, he has worked on developing sustainable curriculums, building capacity within schools, and leading significant educational changes.

Teaching the logical principles of mathematics and disseminating these concepts to teachers and tutors to improve student outcomes is a fundamental part of Stephen's role and approach to teaching. This methodology underpins his own teaching practice and is crucial in his support for Associate Tutors at Learn North West. Through his leadership and expertise, Stephen aims to enhance the overall quality of mathematics education and drive better results for students.

Tuition with Stephen:

Stephen leads all of our popular group tuition sessions, which are scheduled on Saturdays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. He effectively tailors his approach to each student's individual needs within the group setting, employing the most effective teaching methods and strategies. Stephen provides one-to-one feedback, instruction, and direction within the group, ensuring that students have the time and space to implement their learning in a supervised yet independent manner. This approach is crucial for developing the learning skills necessary for larger group settings in schools and for exams.

"Please could you let Stephen know that E****’s end of year in maths improved this year by 20%" Key Stage 3 Group Attendee

Additionally, the group sessions foster collaborative work among students, allowing them to share methods and discuss their approaches with their peers. This collaborative environment is critical for developing and deepening understanding of the subject matter.

"N******** was as effusive in his praise for Steven as any 16 year old male could be. He doesn't dish out compliments for free, that's certain." GCSE Group Attendee

Leading educational research has uncovered that small group tuition is largely as effective as one-to-one tuition, with the quality of the tutor being more important than the ratio of teacher to students. With Stephen's exceptional credentials, skills, and his proven track record of improving students' outcomes as well as their confidence, competence, and attitude towards mathematics, our group offering with Stephen provides tuition at the highest level at a much lower cost compared to one-to-one support, offering much better value for money.

Introducing Emily:

Emily is a dedicated educator with a passion for teaching secondary mathematics. She completed her PGCE in Secondary Mathematics at Newcastle University in June 2020, following her undergraduate studies in Linguistics and English Language at The University of Edinburgh.

Emily's teaching journey began in 2019, and she has since focused on creating engaging and inspiring learning experiences for her students. She believes in teaching mathematics for understanding and enjoyment, rather than simply memorising algorithms for exams. To support this approach, Emily has actively sought professional development opportunities, including participation in the North West Maths Hub, where she explored mastery in mathematics. This has enabled her to deepen her understanding of effective teaching strategies, including the use of manipulatives to enhance student engagement and comprehension.

Furthermore, Emily's role as an examiner for Edexcel has provided valuable insights into the assessment process, enriching her teaching practice with a nuanced understanding of how mathematics exams award marks.

Emily is particularly skilled in GCSE Maths, specialising in fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts among her students. She is excited about the prospect of working with Learn North West, as she believes strongly in the alignment of their values with her own educational philosophy. With her passion, dedication, and expertise, Emily is committed to inspiring and empowering students to succeed in mathematics.

Tuition with Emily:

Emily works both face to face (at our Altrincham classroom) and online as well as in schools providing interventions and targeted support. Emily offers 121 and paired tuition only.

Introducing Becky:

Current Role: Maths Lecturer and Associate Tutor


- MSc (Distinction)


- BA (Hons)

Professional Experience:

Becky has been teaching since 2016, with extensive experience in Further Education, Higher Education and Secondary School settings. She specialises in GCSE maths preparation and is currently working as a Lecturer in Mathematics at Bradford College, a role she finds highly rewarding. Becky thrives on working with young people, inspiring and enabling them to succeed in their academic endeavors.

Career Highlights:

- Managed the STAR Centre at Leeds City College, where she inspired learners to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM).

- Completed a subject conversion course for mathematics with White Rose Maths to formalize her expertise in the subject.

- Deeply interested in the psychology of how people learn maths, she continually seeks to understand and implement effective teaching strategies.

Interests and Skills:

Becky enjoys leveraging new media and online technologies to enhance her teaching. This not only allows her to engage with students from various regions but also supports a broader range of learners. She believes that education is a powerful tool for personal and societal change and takes pride in contributing to this transformative process.

Tuition with Becky:

Becky is one of our online tutors, based in West Yorkshire, Becky can remotely support students all over the UK with GCSE Maths preparations on a 121 basis.

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