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121 vs Small Group Tuition: which is best for my child?

Did you know that an extensive study into the impact of 121 vs group tuition carried out by the Education Endowment Foundation revealed that the outcomes from small group tuition are broadly similar to 121? Many people believe that 121 is the most effective or the only effective means of tuition - a myth that certainly needs debunking!

Although the individual goals of tuition differ, broadly speaking, the aim is to enhance and support children as individuals to enable them to better access and make the most of their learning opportunities in school. What is essential is that children do not become overly reliant on the guidance of an adult to think and learn which is one of the reasons why we advocate a small group setting for many children.

We do offer both 121 and group support for children of all ages. Both have their places and both play a huge part in supporting children with their learning.

121, ££££, best suited to support:

➡️Children with very specific learning needs (SEND, emotional and behaviour needs)

➡️ Children who are significantly behind who need a much slower pace to revisit prior curriculum skills and learning

➡️ Short, sharp interventions on very specific areas of learning or topics that have been a challenge to learners

➡️ Coverage of diverse curriculum areas, texts or subjects that are not widely studied with peers

121 can have brilliant outcomes used in these ways; often our children will progress to groups or pairs from 121s when they are ready or children will access 121s alongside groups to target discrete areas.

Group tuition, ££, best suited to support:

➡️ Coverage of key curriculum outcomes, helping children to keep up with classroom learning and get ahead

➡️ Exam preparation and test technique for public exams such as GCSEs, A’ Levels, SATs and 11+ Entrance Exams

➡️ Increasing independence with learning, enabling children to develop the skills and receive instant personal feedback and support with their work to be able to make improvements

➡️ Help children to learn with and from each other, a huge learning skill that benefits them enormously in school

In our groups children receive structured support at a slightly advanced pace, children benefit from 121 individual teaching and feedback in the small group setting which supports independent application of learning and skills. Our teachers are used to teaching 32 children with different needs in schools so small groups pose no trouble at all!

Most of our schools opt for group support above 121 with their interventions and when closely tied to the curriculum outcomes, the benefits are profound.

Both methods have their place, our team can help to advise and assess which method will be best suited to your child.

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