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Dyslexia Friendly Teaching

British Dyslexia Association Level 5 Certificate in Dyslexia; Literacy, Support and Intervention

Learn North West Education LLP are delighted to announce formally that Helen and Liz will be embarking on a year of study to gain their Level 5 certificates in Dyslexia, Literacy, Support and Intervention in September.

This course is accredited by the British Dyslexia Association through the University of Chester and will equip Helen and Liz with the skills, knowledge and hands on practice to become informed practitioners and teachers in the field of dyslexia. This qualification is the first step toward becoming a dyslexia specialist and will give Helen and Liz the required knowledge to deliver specialist tuition to individuals requiring support with dyslexia and be able to share their learning and expertise with our wider team. From here, both teachers will be eligible to complete a Level 7 AMBDA approved programme which will mean that we will be able to provide students (and adults) with a diagnostic assessment service and be able to formally identify and diagnose dyslexia.

During the course of the year, Helen and Liz will undertake formal study, research and practice-based learning which they will share via our blog and social media pages.

Both teachers are excited to be returning to the classroom, rest assured they will not be stepping away from teaching during the year but will study alongside their teaching roles.


“Since I started my teaching career I have had a keen interest in how children learn to read and understanding the potential barriers that they may face. I have worked with many children with dyslexia over the years and I am so excited to learn more about how I can help future students with this specialist knowledge and training.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to develop my skills professionally and cannot wait to get started.

My main aims for the course are to learn how to support children with dyslexia and use this to help them in their learning. Next step for me will be to undertake the Level 7 qualification which will mean that I can formally diagnose dyslexia, a service that will be so valuable for our students and schools.”


“I am delighted that I have been accepted on to the BDA accredited course at Chester University, to further my education and knowledge on dyslexia. Throughout my teaching experience I have worked alongside children waiting to be assessed for dyslexia and children who have needed additional learning support. I know this to be an incredibly anxious time for the young people and their families, waiting lists can be long and access to specialist teachers is not always readily available.

This course will be the first step to becoming a dyslexia specialist and will give me the knowledge to deliver specialist tuition to individuals requiring support with dyslexia.

I am excited to start this course to gain more awareness and learn more dyslexia friendly teaching practices and approaches which will no doubt support all learners, whether dyslexic or not, in making advances in their reading and literacy.”

Stay tuned from September to keep up to date with Helen and Liz’s student journey as they share their learning along the way.

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